Lie Still and Slumber

Two Part Voices and Piano (may be sung in unison)
Text: Isaac Watt
Duration: 2.5 min
Publisher: G.I.A Music

Commissioned by ZING! Children’s Choir in Vancouver. In the tradition of lullabies past, Lie Still and Slumber encompasses the soothing comfort of angelic voices with tender words like those of this text by Isaac Watt. Delicate and smooth, this piece re-creates the rocking of a cradle or a mother’s arms through the rhythmic sway created by the rising and falling of the arpeggiated accompaniment.

Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber,
holy angels guard thy bed,
heavenly blessings without number,
gently falling on thy head.
Soft and easy is thy cradle,
coarse and hard thy Savior lay:
when his birthplace was a stable,
and his softest bed was hay.




Themes: sacred, liturgical, church, jesus, christmas, christmastide, birth, nativity, children, winter, holiday



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