Let Your Voice Be Heard

Unison and Piano

Duration: 2.5 min

Text: John Shaw Neilson

Boosey and Hawkes 2017

Commissioned by Amabile Choirs of London, Canada

Let Your Voice Be Heard sets Australian Poet John Shaw Neilson’s poem that evokes themes of respect and humility. The work is an uplifting anthem that encourages us to live life fully, with love and peace. The song combines a memorable melodic line and a steadfast piano accompaniment to deliver the message that everyone has a voice and the right to be heard and valued.

Let your song be delicate.
   The skies declare
No war — the eyes of lovers
   Wake everywhere.

Let your voice be delicate.
   How faint a thing
Is Love, little Love crying
   Under the Spring.


Themes: singing, love, spring, life, peace, having a voice, respect, communicating, delicate, unison


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