Remember’d Songs Most Dear

SATB a cappella
Text:Henry Van Dyke
Duration: 2 min
Publisher: Pavane Publishing

Commissioned by the Amabile Choirs of London, Canada. From the publisher: Who doesn’t remember musical moments in their past, when singing became transcendent and the moment became a memory never to be forgotten? Henry Van Dyke’s poem recalls that time and Matthew Emery, the young Canadian composer attracting everyone’s attention, set it to song. You just want to sing it, that’s all that needs to be said. High school, college, festival, community choirs. Easy to medium.

Remember'd songs, most dear,
        In living songs I hear,
     While blending voices gently swing and sway
        In melodies of love,
        Whose mighty currents move,
     With singing near and singing far away;
        Sweet in the glow of morning light,
     And sweeter still across the starlit gulf of night.



Pavane Publishing

Themes: Remember, Remembrance, Love, stars, night, singing, dear, life


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