Two Pickthall Songs

SATB a cappella

2.5 min each, 5 min total

Text: Marjorie Pickthall


Love: No 1.3533

In Whom All Things: No 1. 3534

  1. Love : Pax Christi Recording
  2. In Whom All Things Are : Pax Christi Recording

Commissioned by Pax Christi Chorale, Stephanie Martin, dir.

premiere audio (excerpt):




LOVE said to the wind, Be still; To time, Be merciful;
To life, Be sufficient.
But these answered,
Shall breath command breath, Or the relentless the relentless, Or the shadow, the shadow?



LOVE, in whom all things are, Shadow and light, Make of my grief a star Crowning his night. Love, in whom all things nest, Tired of the way,
Make of my pains a rest Healing his day.
Love, in whom all things hide, Far though they roam Make my life’s loss the tide Bearing him home

in whom all things updated cover


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