Lead Us Home

SATB A Cappella

3 min

Marjorie Pickthall text [public domain]

ECS Publishing No: 1.3574 (2019) PURCHASE

Commissioned by the National Youth Orchestra of Canada,

With thanks to the generosity of The Patrick Hodgson Family Foundation

Performance by the National Youth Orchestra of Canada and the European Youth Orchestra

Audio from 2018 Migrations CD



Marjorie Pickthall (1883-1922) in public domain, alt. by the composer.

O though the way be rough and long, And dangers lurk on every side,
Yet still we lift our constant song,— And music shall be our guide.

Though tempests fill the empty sky, And terrors vex the circling night, Yet still with one accord we cry,— And music shall be our light.

Though fear should follow all the way Along the path our feet must roam.
Yet still with heart and voice we say,— Music shall lead us home.

“Lead Us Home” speaks to the power music holds; its ability to comfort, to transport and heal. In moments of conflict, strife and grief, we turn to music to lead us home and make us whole.



Lead Us Home (brass version)
Lead us Home (National Youth Orchestra of Canada 2020) [instrumental]

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