Unanswered Letters


2222 4221 1 + Timp Strings (min: 87654)

Percussion: Bass Drum only

6.5 min duration

Plangere Editions 2019

Purchase conductors score orchestra version

Score and Parts available from Plangere

“Unanswered Letters” is a lyrical piece which unfolds using variations in colour and textures. The music is inspired by the ideas of the ordinary: dishes left undone, emails unanswered – mail that goes unopened. I am inspired by things that may be seen as unremarkable by others by searching out beauty in everyday life.

It is a work that is inspired by the lists we make: things to do, things we want to do, hope to do, should do, don’t do. The work is a piece which strips away the unnecessary and whats left is only what is needed.

Premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra January 2020.

Read by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, upcoming performances by the Windsor Community Orchestra, University of Toronto Campus Philharmonic Orchestra and Etobicoke Philharmonic

Listen to a 20 second clip, archival recording not for commercial use

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