Tomorrow I’ll Be Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll Be Tomorrow

String Quartet

Commissioned by the Interro Quartet (Toronto)

10 min duration

Premiered Nov 2019, Toronto

Published by Plangere Editions

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Notes from the composer:

Tomorrow I’ll Be Tomorrow is a work inspired by the idea of “uncluttered sparseness” (Salumets)- that is a deepening toward the the simple, the natural; the essential. The music presents something that may be seen or heard as unremarkable, and that that is an ideal. It is my attempt as a composer to represent, rather than capture a mood or feeling. Musically, ostinati figures are juxtaposed chorale-like textures. Various timbres are used from punta d’arco, sul tasto, pizzicato, harmonics and muted playing evocatively hue the musical colours.

reference recording: here