SATB A Cappella

4 min

Text: Petrarch

Publisher: TBD, email for score

Commissioned by Chronos Vocal Ensemble, Jordan Van Biert, conductor Dedicated to the memory of Anna Maria Almond, and all victims of COVID-19

VIDEO of Digital Premiere

Francesco Petrarca [1304-1374], in the public domain. VI [excerpt, adapted by the composer]

I saw how tears had left their weary traces
Within those eyes that once the sun outshone,
I heard those lips, in low and plaintive moan,
Breathe words to stir the mountains from their places. Love, wisdom, courage, tenderness, and truth
Made in their mourning strains more high and dear Than ever wove soft sounds for mortal ear;
And heaven seemed listening in such saddest ruth The very leaves upon the bough to soothe,
Such sweetness filled the blissful atmosphere.

Notes on piece

This composition alternates homophonic chorale-like writing with a melody and accompaniment type writing in a ABAB form. The juxtaposition of these gestures alludes to the world at the time of composition; a world filled with uncertainty, chaos, strife, hope, compassion and love. At times the music is at odds with the dissonance or angularity of the musical phrase, at other times the music is lush, warm, and settled. The piece is a reminder that in the midst of turbulence and unknowns, may we hold dear the value of love, wisdom, courage, tenderness and truth.

Interview on the piece