This is the morning that will rise

SAB, opt. T, and Piano, with ASL
5 min duration
Words by Joanne Weber & Paula Weber

Commissioned by Dr. Melissa Morgan, University of Regina Choirs, the Regina Public and Regina Catholic School High School Choirs, and the Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Score available in Fall 2023, please email me for information

Program note:

“This is the morning that will rise” utilizes a ternary form which reflects the intergenerational structure of the text, and makes for a poignant poetic journey on themes of hope and resiliency. The vocal writing mixes textures from unison lines to four part writing. The piece is able to be performed with or without the Tenor line making it accessible for SAB and SATB ensembles. The A sections feature the upbeat, syncopated lines which intermingle against the pulsing piano line. The B section is more introspective, the vocal lines are set more homophonically, and the piano has a solo-like quality which comments on, and responds to, the homophonic choral writing. The poignant text illuminates images of repetition, cycles of the moon, the rising sun each day, and the strength that inspires. Musically, I respond to this through repetition of phrases, ostanati-like gestures, and use of fifths.

This work was commissioned by:
The University of Regina, Dr. Melissa Morgan, Director
Winston Knoll Collegiate High School, Diane Taylor-Neale, Director
Campbell Collegiate High School, Jodi Scott, Director
Luther College High School, Kyera Levesque, Director
Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School, Chloe Golden and Stacy Allan, Directors Sheldon-Williams Collegiate High School, Sarah Keefe, Director
The Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Text by Joanne Weber and Paula Weber

This is the morning that will rise, to the sun in every eye,
to the ancient apple tree
and the cycles of the moon.

The effervescent honey bee
tells us to begin again and again.

Staring into the embers,
we grieve and dream,
stir the ashes of our lives.
Through the air we come to see
many things hidden and now are freed.
A new rain falls on our myths and stories
as we return to the beginning of what we know.

The sound has stopped.
The heart has not.
The stillness frees the mind.
Time for action!
Time for unrest,
and for rest.
For rest is needed in a forest.
The trees grow when their roots are deep. Buried inside trees, hearts tremble
at something forgotten,
something lost in the shoots.
Rain comes down and it is enough
For trees to grow young again.

This is the morning that will rise, to the sun in every eye,
to the ancient apple tree
and the cycles of the moon.

The effervescent honey bee
tells us to begin again, and again.

This is the morning. We start again. This is the morning to start again!

This work includes passages for ASL.

An ASL notation has been created for this song. The notation provides performative ASL which is not the same as a translation that is equivalent to English text. Rather, the notation will emphasize certain features of the English text but not other features. This approach was developed to keep the signing simple enough while singing a complex arrangement of the lyrics. The notation can be viewed as a separate ASL poem with literary features including rhyme (using ASL phonology), rhythm (as in repetition of signs), metaphor (presenting the tree and heart as interchangeable and yet, distinct). Thus, the ASL poem is overlaid on top of the English text to enhance the musical rendition of the song. It should be noted that not every line in this song has an attached ASL notation.

Joanne Weber and Paula Weber