The Lover’s Chant


SATB a cappella
Duration: 2 min
Text: James Joyce
Cypress Choral Music

Video: ihana youth choir (Lisa Ward) 2017: The Lover’s Chant VIDEO

Winner of the Diane Loomer Award for Choral Writing. Premiered by the National Youth Choir of Canada.

“They say cream rises to the top and Matthew won the ACCC Diane Loomer award with this choral gem – a beautiful setting of the James Joyce poem.

Dr. Julia Davids added this piece to her Canadian Chamber Choir Series.  Directors and singers will appreciate the intuitive voice leading, long phrases and meaningful text.” from Cypress Choral Music.

The Lover’s Chant is included on the Halifax Camerata Singers new album ‘ A Time for All Things’

When the shy star goes forth in heaven
All maidenly, disconsolate,
Hear you amid the drowsy even
One who is singing by your gate.
His song is softer than the dew
And he is come to visit you.

O bend no more in revery
When he at eventide is calling.
Nor muse: Who may this singer be
Whose song about my heart is falling?
Know you by this, the lover’s chant,
‘Tis I that am your visitant.



JW Pepper

Themes: love, chant, nature, star, space, longing, life, nature

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