Born Like the Pines

SAB and Piano
Text: James Ephraim McGirt
Duration: 3 mins
Cypress Choral Music

Commissioned by the Ontario Music Educators Association for the Soundscapes Conference, November 2014. Available with optional string accompaniment (Summer 2016) from the publisher.

Anyone who has experienced the wonder of a walk through the forest will love this song. The SAB setting is perfect for young choirs or choirs that are short on tenors. However, the men often carry the melody, making the composition suitable for choirs of all levels.

Born like the pines to sing

the harp and song in my breast.

Though far and near, there’s none to hear,

I’ll sing as the winds rejoice.

As the winds sweep by

I’ll laugh or cry

In the winds I cannot rest.



JW Pepper 

Themes: pines, tree, nature, singing, round, sab, community,

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