The Song My Paddle Sings

SATB or SSAA a cappella
Duration: 4 min
Text: E Pauline Johnson
Cypress Choral Music

Commissioned by Jennifer Moir, as part of the Woodstock Fanshawe Singers album on the poems of E.P. Johnson.

WEST wind, blow from your prairie nest,

Blow from the mountains, blow from the west.

The sail is idle, the sailor too;

O wind of the west, we wait for you!

Blow, blow!

I have wooed you so,

But never a favor you bestow.

You rock your cradle the hills between,

But scorn to notice my white lateen.

Be strong, O paddle! be brave, canoe!

The reckless waves you must plunge into.

Reel, reel,

On your trembling keel,

But never a fear my craft will feel.

We’ve raced the rapids; we ’re far ahead:

The river slips through its silent bed.

Sway, sway,

As the bubbles spray

And fall in tinkling tunes away.

And up on the hills against the sky,

A fir tree rocking its lullaby

Swings, swings,

Its emerald wings,

Swelling the song that my paddle sings.


SATB score

JW Pepper


About Composer

Matthew Emery (b.1991) is a Canadian composer whose music has been performed across North America and Asia. His music has also been broadcast on national television and radio. Matthew was the 2013 ACDA Raymond Brock Student Composition Competition winner. Emery's choral works have been performed by renowned vocal ensembles including the Vancouver Chamber Choir, Elmer Isler Singers, Pro Coro Canada, Canadian Chamber Choir, Da Capo Chamber Choir, choirs at the University of Louisville, University of Manitoba, University of Western Ontario, University of British Columbia, Ontario Youth Choir and the Nova Scotia Youth Choir. Matthew studied with Dr. Stephen Chatman at the University of British Columbia and is published by: Alliance Music Publications, GIA Publications, G. Schirmer, Pavane Publishing and Santa Barbara Music Publishing. Matthew is a member of the Canadian League of Composers.

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