O My Love

SSAA accompanied
Text: James Thomson
Duration: 3.5 min
Publisher: Santa Barbara Music Publishing

Commissioned by the Amabile Youth Singers, and Prima of London Ontario, Canada.

from the publisher: “The composer cleverly weaves the melody in and out of the four parts making this a joy to sing, and fascinating to hear. The left hand of the piano maintains the pulse, thereby anchoring this delightful piece.”


Let my voice ring out and over the earth,
Through all the grief and strife,
With a golden joy in a silver mirth:
I give thanks for Life!

Let my voice swell out through the great abyss
To the azure dome above,
With a chord of faith in the harp of bliss:
I give thanks for Love!

Let my voice thrill out beneath and above,
The whole world through:
O my Love and Life,
O my Life and Love,
I give thanks for you!

James Thomson (1834-1882) was a Scottish Victorian poet. In 1862 he moved to London, where he supported himself as a clerk while writing essays, poems, and stories, many of them published in Bradlaugh’s National Reformer, a worker’s weekly. The publication of a volume of Thomson’s poetry, The City of Dreadful Night and Other Poems (1880), received favourable critical attention.

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