Three French Folk Songs

SATB a cappella

Arrangement, original melody: E. Gagnon (in Public Domain)

7 min total duration

-J’ai cueilli la belle rose, 2 min purchase

– En roulant ma boule roulant, 2 min purchase

– Petit rocher,  3 min purchase

Pavane Publishing 2018

Commissioned and premiered by the Cantabile Chamber Singers (Toronto) Oct. 2016.


Errors in the score for Petit Rocher:

m.8 = cette

m.13 = En-ten-dez

m.18= bientôt

m.29 = à

m.32 = j’a

m.36 = heu-reux

m.44 = soprano, place the “ne” of “donne” on beat 2 of mm 44.

m.47 = vous


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