Matthew Emery (b.1991) is a Canadian composer whose music has been performed in twenty-five countries. He currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada where he maintains an active composition and teaching studio.

SATB a cappella
Text: George Pope Morris
Duration: 2 min
Publisher: Alliance Music Publications, Inc

Come to me in cherry-time,

And, as twilight closes,
We will have a merry time,
Here among the roses!
When the breezes crisp the tide,
And the lindens quiver,
In our bark we’ll safely glide
Down the rocky river!
When the stars, with quiet ray,
All the hill-tops brighten,
Cherry-ripe we’ll sing and play
Where the cherries ripen!
Then come to me in cherry-time,
And, as twilight closes,
We will have a merry time
Here among the roses.



Alliance Music


SATB a cappella
Text: Robert Louis Stevenson
Duration: 3 min
Publisher: Pavane Publishing

Premiered by the University of British Columbia University Singers, Graeme Langager dir.

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When the sun comes after rain
And the bird is in the blue,
The girls go down the lane
Two by two.
When the sun comes after shadow
And the singing of the showers,
The girls go up the meadow,
Fair as flowers.
When the eve comes dusky red
And the moon succeeds the sun,
The girls go home to bed
One by one.
And when life draws to its even
And the day of man is past,
They shall all go home to heaven,
Home at last.

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Themes: sacred, secular, nature, water, rain, life, love, heaven, spirit, returning, home, familiar, journey, longing, pleading, peaceful