SATB a cappella


A Boy Is Born

Be Still, My Heart


Buffalo Dusk

Come To Me

Earth’s Tall Trees

En Roulant Ma Boule Roulant (Three French Folk Songs)

Friend, Pass Softly

I Am Thy Grass, Oh Lord

I Am the Still Rain Falling

I Breathe

In The Holy Nativity of Our Lord

I Lift Mine Eyes

In Whom All Things (Two Pickthall Songs)

Infinite Beatitude

I Sing [with Oboe or C instrument]

J’ai Cueilli la Belle Rose (Three French Folk Songs)

Lead Us Home


Love, Will We Stay

Love (Two Pickthall Songs)

The Lover’s Chant


Missa Brevis Boreal

My Soul, Arise [with Alto Saxophone]

Night On A Starry Hill

Nuit d’ete

O For the Spirit of the Dove

O, Why Do You Turn To the Wild Sky

O Keep the World Forever At the Dawn

Peace, My Heart

Petit Rocher (Three French Folk Songs)

Remember’d Songs, Most Dear

The Road I Trod


Sleep Now

The Song My Paddle Sings

Song Hearts

Speak to me my love

The Star of Love

Still Colors (Velvet Shoes)

Sweetest Love

Unto Young Eternity

When the Sun Comes After Rain

Where Healing Waters Flow